what is restorative massage?

Restorative massage is the balance between two practices, combined together offers a unique experience of Restorative Yoga and Thai Massage. This treatment can help balance the internal and external elements of the body, which can encourage homeostasis. Restorative massage can relax the nervous system regulation within the body and can complement healthy changes that you may be working towards. Any massage can be adapted to the clients needs, fully supported, relaxed and restored.

60 min - $75
90min - $112

Prices vary according to travel distances, please inquire before your appointment.

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SURFER's MAssage

Focusing on active lifestyles, the Surfers Massage is a combination of deep tissue and sports therapy massage. This is a full body treatment, but it will focus more attention to your upper body, shoulders, shoulder blades, arms and neck area by using assisted stretching techniques and massage to release the tension caused by paddling and surfing.
Medium to strong pressure.

This massage could be adapted towards other sports activities.

1 hour - $75
1.5 hours - $112